So a long time a go, I guess circa 2005, I was on a training course and a coach used an example of the Launch pad. At the time I listened and remembered and put it away in my toolbox to use again. Now over the past few years I’ve pulled it out, shaken it off and really understood its meaning.

Following on from my White Water Puzzle Post here’s another great example for all budding and upcoming coaches.

The Launch Pad

NASA are at the forefront of science, exploring Space, moons and stars. Yet they set themselves up in Cape Canaveral in Florida USA.

Was this a lucky guess? Did they just find a plot of land on done deal. (craigs list / gumtree)

The people who put men on the moon choose the launch site from a online selling platform?

No Chance

NASA know exactly what they are doing. They have chosen the site from careful research to find the most effective and efficient launch site to take rockets and shuttles to space

Great well done Nasa, how does this affect us

I am glad you asked.

When we leave an eddy do we bail out and hope for the best? Do we let the water control our path? Are we driftwood?

preparing for launch choosing the correct speed and direction

NO we are kayakers

We use the water to our advantage, using its peaks and waves, its converging currents to move across its powerful flows.

So lets be NASA.

When you are in an eddy take a moment to plan, look at the river and its feature. Try to understand its flow. Pick your exit from the eddy as NASA picked its launch pad.

NASA uses the earths rotation to its advantage when launching Rockets just like us using the flow to our advantage.

Plan your exit angle and the speed you think you will need to move out of the eddy and into the faster water, With experience this will come naturally. But for beginners break this down set them targets and points to aim for.

Always look at the eddy for other underwater obstacles which may influence your exit plan.

This eddy, at this moment, is your launch pad.

Your launch pad to bigger things, to your next move, your next destination. Take the time to plan your trajectory and speed and think reasoning why.

Efficient and effective

This is what we are looking for and this is why we use this launch pad. Think of why and where. Think of the best position to be in and how you can reach it.

Think of Nasa everytime you sit in an eddy.


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