Start Kayaking

Start Kayaking

So you want to start kayaking. You may of seen something on youtube or facebook and just said I want to give that a go.

So heres your step by step guide of best ways to start kayaking.

Take a Taster Session

Before you do anything go and take a taster session. Many centres, providers and holiday companies offer short 1-2 hour taster sessions. These are designed to introduce you to the sport. This is a easy way to get a quick feel for Kayaking and decide if its something you enjoy. An ideal opportunity might be a holiday even to take out a sit on top on the beach is a great way to Try kayaking, before you invest.

Personally try not to do this in the cold winter as that is a sure fire way to see you never sit in a boat again.

join a club

Join a Club

So you have taken a taster session and your keen to start kayaking. Do Not go and buy equipment! (Yet) 

Search for a local club. These can be found on a national governing body webpage, (British Canoeing, Canoeing Ireland, French Federation Canoe Kayak etc.)

If no luck try a quick google search for Canoe Clubs Near Me on google maps and see what pops up. Many clubs will run their own beginner courses usually following a national governing body framework. These can take place over a series of evenings or full days but provide an introduction to kayaking, boat control and safety. This course will give you the basic knowledge to continue your kayak pathway.
The main advantage of joining a club is access to equipment, with the club usually providing all of the equipment to get you on the water. So you only need to worry about turning up with a pair of old trainers or water shoes and some swimming shorts.

The club will probably have a structure in place to move you forward through your initial training and into different boats and different waters. This is something difficult to find on your own.

Spend some time paddling with your club to progress your skills, you will meet others of the same ability, so its a great opportunity to advance with them.

No clubs – Take a course

So you live without a club nearby, Obivously the advatages of a club are listed above but your not finished yet. Many providers run courses throughout the year. These providers have been trained and hold a recognised qualification, usually the provider will cost more money but the course they provide will be both professional and concise. Bringing you to a level where they can send you away with a clear series of objectives and action points. The provider will also provide all of the equipment you need and can advise you where to goto next to continue your journey.

Decide where you want to kayak

Now you’ve finished your beginners course its time to explore. You have the skills to stay upright and move a kayak on the water, now its your opportunity to go and try some different boats. Kayaking is about being on the water and with so many different craft and disciplines their is no right answer. Try Them All. Whitewater, Freestyle, Sea, Surf, Racing, Polo or Canoe just try everything

This is where a club holds soo much value with so many options you can use club boats to explore all of the different options.

Once you have really decided where you want to paddle then its time to start looking at equipment

Buy some Equipment

Finally you know where you want to go, but now your lost in the world of Kayak Shopping. So heres another post on buying a kayak and testing kayaks. Do not goto your local super market and purchase a boat you think might be good.

Go To a local Kayak Store! These guys are the Biz. They are paddlers and understand what types of boats are good and what will suit your needs. When you start kayaking its important to get some advice. Any good kayak store will stock a large range of equipment and boats. So you can go and try on the equipment before you buy. The store will be able to guide you through the potential minefield of what you actually need to start kayaking and to progress. Listen to their advice, they are the experts! Take out boats from their demo fleet to try before you buy any good store will then assist you in setting up the boat before you use.

Kayaking is not an expensive sport, many stores will carry used boats which can be purchased cheaper.

Paddle with Friends

With all your equipment and gained knowledge now its time to get out on the water. Kayaking is most enjoyable when you get out with friends. So find a group, wether as part of a club or a peer group. It is important to get out regularly, with other motivated people. You will enjoy it more and make time to get out.

As your skill levels improves you might want to take another course. Or get out and paddle with more experienced paddlers. This will help you to continue to improve.

paddle with friends

So their you have it!

in Conclusion Kayaking is one of the best sport on this planet! the places you get to see and the friends you make along the way are incredible.

Now its your turn to Start Kayaking


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