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Water well Travel Filter water Bottles for any adventure.

Offering a water filter solution for all.

Its great to be able to stand with a company that shares the same views as yourself.

At WaterWell, we believe that clean drinking water is a right, not a privilege. We want to make clean water accessible for everyone. To help to protect the environment by ending the widespread damage caused by plastic waste.

Kayaking is an outdoors sport utilising the water ways of the world. Their is nothing worse than finding rubbish and plastic bottles in these areas.

Water well is a small company producing filtered water bottles. Which can be used to eliminate 99.9% of  Waterborne Bacteria & Parasites. The bottle can be used to filter both tap water and river water. It can save carrying large amounts of water on trips and is reusable. While a single filter cartridge can filter upto 1000 litres of water.

Water well Filter bottle

The idea behind the bottle is both to help the environment and make drinking water easily accessible.

The filter bottle is leak free and strong, so it is the perfect addition to any adventure.

Whether trekking or kayaking with access to mountain streams and rivers. Or back packing, while staying in either hostels and hotels. The filter bottle is perfect to aid peace of mind when drinking from unknown sources.

The bottle is light weight, and also comes with a small carabiner. Perfect to clip it to either a rucksack or boat deckline.


If you want to buy one for yourself take a look at the website .

700ml Travel Filter Water Bottle

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