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Best Christmas Gifts for a Paddler

With Christmas just around the corner its that time of year to search for the perfect Christmas Gifts for the paddler in the house!

Buying a present for a kayaker can be difficult at the best of times unknowing what they might have and what they might need.

I’ve tried to compile a list with the paddler in mind, what they might need and what they could never be without I’ve tried to keep the products nice and cheap so perfect stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts.

  1. Smileys Nose Clip

Price: £5.83

The Smileys Nose Clip is definitely the number one Christmas gift for any paddler, even if you have 10 already an extra spare is never a problem. They are small and lightweight so perfect stocking filler or to add to a card. Designed to stop water going up your nose with many different designs available the Smileys is the best. Featuring a cord to attach to your helmet to keep it safe and the soft rubber both grips and is comfortable whilst on the water.



2. English Whitewater Guide Book

Its hard to go wrong with a guidebook, with so many to choose from these are a great option for any paddler looking to plan the next adventure. have a look at my guidebook post for other guidebooks available

guide book


3. Aquapac Electronics Case

An Aquapac is the ideal essential for carrying any electronic whilst on the water. Whether a car key, mobile phone or GPS these cases are one of the best and most trusted brands available. I use these cases daily whilst on the water and is the only brand I trust for small electronics. A variety of sizes are available if purchasing for a phone choose a larger size as the smaller ones are only suitable for a key. An ideal stocking filler another product that you can never have enough.



4. Watershed Ocoee Bag

So if you are looking to spend a little more as the main gift for loved one or friend the Ocoee Watershed bag is the perfect addition to any paddlers equipment. Designed to be completely waterproof with high-grade attachment points this little bag really packs a punch. I use watershed bags for all the things that MUST stay dry whilst on the water, whether kayaking, rafting or Supping, perfect for cameras and larger electronics. Watershed is the top brand for dry bags.
The Ziplock closure is secure and the bags themselves durable and strong. If Santa dropped an Ocoee under my tree I would be very happy indeed.



5. Yak Neoprene Paddle Mitts

Keeping your hands warm during the winter is always difficult. Those days you spend wrapped up in front of the fire just think someone is paddling. These Neoprene mitts are a universal size so no need to guess a hand size, they slip over the paddle shaft to caccoon the hands away from the harsh elements, perfect for kayakers of any discipline to save hands from the elements.



6. Water Well Travel Filter Bottle

The Water well Filter bottle is something I have only this year started to use but I have to admit I love it. Easy to use and possible to drink water from natural sources means that as long as I have the bottle I can find water anywhere. Its a great gift for anyone looking to travel as works great as a barrier to drinking tap water from unknown sources. this bottle is a great gift as a stocking filler or main gift.




7. Palm 5m Padded Roof Rack Straps

Now if there is ever an item that you just can never get enough of it has to be Kayak Straps. No matter how many you own, people borrow, or you lose, or they just need replacing. These Straps from palm are strong and long giving you the versatility to tie boats to your roof rack. The addition of rubber buckle covers is a nice touch that both protects boats, paintwork and car windows from the metalwork.



8. Lomo Paddle Bag

A slightly more expensive gift which is perfect as the main gift. If you live with a kayaker you will always be tripping and banging paddles, They are long and usually difficult to store. You will notice the car seats wearing from rubbing paddles inside and you will always hit your head on them. If this sounds like you then you need as much as them a Paddle bag this bag is ideal for every type of paddle and the option to fit 4 paddles inside their is no excuse for paddles lying about. The strong outer is resistant and the padded interior keeps your paddles safe and secure. Fitted with carrying handles. the ideal gift from Santa to both of you.



9. Palm Pilot Skull Cap

So the skull cap is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any paddler braving the element, this fuzzy lined neoprene hat, is warm and comfortable to be worn under a helmet will help to keep the heat. An inexpensive gift that is the perfect stocking filler.




10. Eat Sleep Kayak T-Shirt

So what do you get for the kayaker who has everything?? How about another kayak T-Shirt. These are perfect as you know you can never have too many tshirts. The front motif is both inspiring and fun for all to see.

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  • Any suggestions for a metal-styled bottle but with a basic carbon/charcoal filter for tap water? I use a Bobble Sport right now, but it leaks quite a bit. I also hate having to suck through the filter. I have been looking at the Grayl Ultralight, but a bit pricey…

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