Budget Kayak Buyers Guide – How To Buy Budget Kayak

So aside from the price, how exactly do you determine the best kayak under 500 dollars? Of course, you still need to factor in the essentials of a good kayak: The best kayak is the one which best meets the requirements of its user. You need to think where and for what you would like to use the kayak. Is this primarily a boat for the kids that you will take fishing once in awhile, or is this a pure fishing kayak to take home your prized catch?

Here we have a few points to consider and help you when choosing your next fishing kayak


Size of the kayak can be important for a number of reasons.

First of all the physical size of the kayak needs to be taken into consideration you need to make sure you have adequate storage, for instance, if your garage is only 9ft buying an 11ft kayak will be difficult unless you have alternative storage options.

The boat needs to be big enough to paddle comfortably, if you are taller then you will want to make sure you have ample leg space so you can relax.

The size of the boat will also in some cases dictate its usage, A shorter kayak will be better for short distances and beach use. This will also make it great for kids as it is easy to manoeuvre.

Longer kayaks are better suited to increased distance, they will have a faster speed through the water and be less manoeuvrable.


Most kayaks are fitted with a number of storage compartments both front and rear, Think about what you need to store and where the best place to keep them will be.

Fishing kayaks are upgraded with additional rod holders by having these both in front and behind will allow you a number of hands-free fishing options.

Weight capacity

All of the kayaks have a manufacturer’s weight capacity this is important to note. An overloaded kayak can become unstable and sit lower in the water making it difficult to maneuver. The weight capacity should take into account both the user’s weight as well as the equipment carried on board. You should always leave a little space to take home your prized catch.


All of the fishing Sit on Tops when loaded below the maximum weight capacity will feel stable on the water. To add stability means increasing the width of the kayak. Some wider designs with this increased stability offer standing areas and higher seat positions for all day comfort.

Comfort level

Over the past few years, comfort has been one of the biggest improvements. With upgraded seating systems that make the kayak more user-friendly and comfortable.

Some of the basic Sit on Tops provide just a plastic cut out where you will sit, over time this will prove cold, wet and uncomfortable, be sure to look for a fishing kayak with a foam or fabric seat this will provide you with some back support as well as some cushioning between you and the hard plastic kayak.

Many of these seats are a universal fitting and can be added to any kayak. 

With more expensive models the seats become elevated off of the boat to provide a drier more comfortable experience.

The kayak should also provide ample leg space to be able to relax and the footrests should accommodate even large feet and long legs.

Expansion Options

Will this fishing kayak need to be upgraded down the line to continue to meet your needs? Is this possible with your chosen model?

Some people will decide to buy a basic kayak under $500 and then sell it on after a couple of years once they have a better understanding of the type of fishing they want to do. This can sometimes prove costly. It can be a better option to spend a little more initially and purchase a Fishing kayak that can be upgraded and grow with your needs. Many manufacturers are now including a track system to mount and move all of your accessories with no need to drill or alter the kayak’s hull. This means that your Fishing Kayak can grow and expand as you progress in the sport.  


In Conclusion

If you have taken a look through all of the fishing kayaks you will find many options available. This can be a potential minefield when choosing a new boat. If you have read our buying guide, hopefully it has given you some food for thought.

For under $1000 there are many boats to choose from, With the extra expenditure comes better comfort and upgraded functionality. For any serious kayak angler this is the selection of boats you should be looking at as these boats are perfect to get you out on the water.

If you are looking for all day comfort take a look at the models with deck chair style seats as these will be the most comfortable providing both height adjustment and back support.

Boats fitted with a track style system will provide greater functionality in the long run, being able to easily upgrade your kayak at a later date with no need for drilling holes in your boat to add a whole host of accessories.

If you have spent the time researching your next kayak you are sure to have a good idea where you will be primarily using the kayak. This will narrow your options down with some boats much better suited for different environments and conditions.

Once you have selected your perfect kayak don’t forget to pickup your perfect paddle to suit your boat and get you out on the water for many adventures.

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