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bigsticker_800x800 This year I was taken on as a H20 Audio Pro Team Rider. This meant I got some sweet new gear to test and use but someone forgot to tell the weather man and with the serious lack of water meant this stayed looking pretty in my van for far too long!

So with the opportunity I took the kit for a play

The Kit

My Iphone


My standard Iphone I’ve had with a selection of wicked toones!


The Case

Amphibx Waterproof Armband for iPhone, iPod touch and large MP3 players


The Amphibx armband provides a fully integrated, wearable, water sports music solution. This armbands unique shape and specialized materials have been designed to comfortably grip your arm while you’re dropping in, cutting back or wiping out. Perfect for your iPod touch, iPhone or any other large MP3 player!

This is a waterproof case which holds the phone it can be mounted on the upper arm or on the waist (with extender belt) I chose to use the are mount as this was handy when boating I can see what’s playing and change songs quickly and easily


The Headphones


Surge Sportwrap


Pounding surf, huge wakes or just your favorite running route are Surge Sportwrap’s playground. Combining the stable fit of a behind-the-neck headphone with the sound quality of an in-ear headphone, Surge Sportwrap features a secure neckband and coiled cable that keeps headphones comfortably in place by actively managing the cord and reducing cable strain.

Surge Pro Mini Waterproof Headphones


Incorporates H2O Audio’s patented waterproof technology with the same high-performance, Balanced Armature drivers found in professional sound studio monitors. Surge Pro Waterproof Headphones deliver highly accurate sound reproduction in a compact size that is perfect for active use in any environment


I have 2 sets of headphones the Surge Pro and the Surge sportwrap on the neck band I tried both and found that the surge pro are great Headphones a crisp sound and good bass but tended to come out after rolling this was not a major problem but would take a second to locate and untangle. I then tried the Surge on the neckband and these were spot on worked really well still an awesome sound and no excess cable to flap and get in the way and if they did come out only an inch of cable and nowhere for them to go. even with a helmet these were a great fit. The headphones come with a selections of ear pieces it is important to get the right size sorted but with the right size these work like an ear plug keeping the sudden rush of water to a minimum and reducing the likelihood of surfers ear.


The water bottle


This might sound simple but every athlete needs to stay hydrated or their performance and output level will decrease by using a couple of these baby’s everyone knows what your listening on while you know your drinking the water!  



Music is a great contribution to motivation on a quiet day its nice to be alone just you and the water but sometimes you need that little push. by keeping a steady beat and and pushing on a good tune will make you feel at the top of your game it takes your mind away from the everyday noises and lets you relax  by staying relaxed allows you to paddle to your best ability. A lot of athletes train in different ways but because of the culture freestyle kayaking much like boarding or BMX’ing the music has to play a part.

The kit is well built and guaranteed to be dry even in the harshest environments. As always I was a little comprehensive of putting my beloved Iphone in a waterproof case but this was great. First thoughts were it looked bulky and it would tangle but I was very suprised the arm band grips to your arm and doesnt shift even in the most turbulent rides the arm bad is comfortable and non restrictive the cables are sleek and out of the way and the sound is unreal even when upside down the music is clear.

In my opinion their is no better product on the market for the purpose. Working in a shop I see many brands and types and this is by far the most robust and paddler friendly

Well done H20 Audio you’ve done your homework!

improvements the only thing id like would be to be able to actually recieve calls by adding a mic to the set up would be sweet as for Iphone users and for narrating and making reminders for a training journal. (Just got an email with this exact thing on! cant wait to get old of a set of these!)

Having used this at sluice in Dublin for a play session il definately be taking it with me to the European Championships in Austria Next month as its a great bit of kit!

10/10 Product!