Day 7 saw race day upon us with all my hard work set to pay off,

The mornings race took the format of mixed K2’s this meant firstly their were 2 in a boat something id never tried and everyone was seeded 1-34 so being a novice I got a nice strong partner with Peter Egan in his very tippy vanquish, off we went 🙂


3 laps, 4km per lap, 3 races

We took it handy in the opening exchanges trying to both stay upright and with the group on the turn we started to move out wide wash hanging with the others conserving energy with the club house in sight we made a move for the front and powered through never looking back

race 1 = 1st

Second lap we got pushed towards the centre between a group of boats with bumps and grinds at the turn we looked for water, shouting and screaming at other crews we broke out of the group far right through the stray branches bringing us up with the leaders into the final sprint with herbie, jenny and malcolm all around us we forced our way through taking the 2nd lap by a boats length

Race 2 = 1st

the 3rd lap we were tireing (well i was tired anyway) we fought hard with a couple of almost capsizes of leaning the wrong way we again stayed right at the turn using the clean water to power up to the front, in the final sprint we came head to head with Jenny Egan boats going crazy with 150 to go we leaned too far resulting in a big brace and losing all our speed, Peter saw his sister get ahead with that our heads were down powering for the ever nearing line and the other boat with 15 m to go we got ourselves back out in front leading the way once again to take the final lap by a whisker

Race 3 = 1st

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