After spending time in Plattling its only right we let everyone know just how they can also paddle there


Plattling, Germany


River wide stopper on the Isar, Works best between 180-220cm on the gauge but will work from approx. 140cm-250cm in lover levels becomes very shallow in places and in higher levels creates a green wave in the centre.

Live gauge available online updates every 15mins

Generally river left side is better feature where all hole tricks and combos are possible. But wave can be paddles all the way across with different levels of retentiveness.

Easy eddy access and get on / get off


Fly to Munich (Airlingus) then train straight to Plattling

Fly to Memmingen (Ryanair) then take the shuttle bus to Munich Train Station 15e if pre booked plus 3e for boat. then onto train to Plattling.

Ryanair is relatively cheap with extra 40e each way for boat, max 20kg weight

Dublin Airport is very strict for weight memmingen didn’t even bother weighing them!

AirLingus a little easier but generally more lenient on boat weight


Free Campsite on the riverbank next to the wave

Hotel Isar close walk to feature


Globas is the largest store we have ever seen with just about everything you could imagine all very cheaply priced

Breakfast 3 bacon 3 egg and glass of orange juice 2.25euro

Beer 20 x 0.5l Bottles 5.70euro plus 3.10 deposit you get back when you take the bottles and crate back.


Cafe Stern is based in the middle of town with good pub grub and drinks

Al Borgo is the pizzeria closest to the campsite. big pizza cheap

Chinese restaurant large portions about 8-14e for dinner and drink

adria pizzeria in town good food slightly more expensive

Pizza square building good pizza outside seating only.

Saray Grill, Musty the kebab man with good kebabs chips and free wifi and power.

Swimming Pools

Elypso spa and pool, 3 big slides, jets, lazy river, Jacuzzi, steam room 3 outdoor pools 5.50 Euro for 3 hours 1o minute drive from feature

Local pool 1-2Euro for as long as you want 10 minute walk from feature, all outdoor, 1 slide, small lazy river, big inflatable dog, 5 diving boards, swimming lanes.

Other Info

Remember to take euro power converters.

everything closes on a Sunday except Pubs and cafes

As a rule all water is fizzy ask for no gas!

All plastic and glass bottles a deposit is paid and you will receive unto 25c per bottle returned.


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