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So starting a new job and heading away to the Kendal Mountain festival I decided I needed a jacket to be taken seriously in so I trundled over to The Great Outdoors main Store on Chatham Street and upstairs to check out the range of jackets.

Knowing very little about outerware which isnt worn in a boat I sought the expert knowledge of the main store staff. My old prerequisite was I wanted the warmest jacket we stocked.

With lots of tech talk I was handed the Mountain Equipment Citadel Jacket in a beautiful blue colour first time slipping the jacket on it just felt right with a good arm length for me and a comfy feel the synthetic fill was perfect for me spending time on the river and the water resistant outer definitely an advantage. With some hood arrangement from the fabulous Mary and some style help from John I was in love with the jacket.

After 2 weeks of use I think I may of told most people that it is actually the warmest jacket in the world, i don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed by one piece of equipment having worn it in cold clear nights as well as in Dublin downpours the jacket is working amazingly in fact sometimes a little too warm! So if you want a new jacket this jacket is the Absolute Daddy of jackets to own and the advice from the guys in the Great Outdoors Main Store is second to none they were spot on with what i needed and put me in absolutely the best piece of kit!

Thanks guys

……. If you missed the bit… This is Definitely the warmest jacket ever!!!


Take a look at the specs online Here!!