After a successful evening talk,

heres a link to copy of the slides which were shown click the image to go.

 GoPro Slides
And Heres some of the videos from the night

Walshy POV
Burst shots

Lots of angles ive used
And heres a few favourite settings to keep in mind
Video – 1080/48
Photo 12mp
Burst 30/3
Timelapse 10sec
GoPros should be easy its about making it work for yourself so get out and experiment with what youve got

GoPro Video Comp is GO!

Title – ‘Outdoor Dreaming’

So you have until the end of the month (3rd March) to send me your videos 

They need to be filmed using Gopro using a variety of angles and preferably a small timelapse sequence,

The Videos should be about 1 minute in length (A little more or less is no issue)

and music should be copyright free (As we will use youtube)

winner will be selected by ourselves during March

We will be sharing your videos via our online social media (facebook/Twitter) so keep them clean.

and the prize is €200 Gift card to use instore

Either email them to me or post them to youtube and send me a link .

thanks and good luck!