slalom sunset

A  few people have been asking about my daily hash tags so here’s the quick story…

So since the clocks changed I set myself a target to try and paddle as much as I could over the summer, what started as a personal target has now become essential in my daily routine,

I started paddling everyday from the 30th March I’m currently at day 55 in 4 countries and 10 county’s so far.

Ive paddled alone, with friends and in competitions over that time across a variety of disciplines. and I cant wait to get on the water tomorrow!

Paddlesport offers a release from work and time to forget your problems and enjoy, weather a beautiful spin on a river or a hard session for that time nothing else matters.

The light is here until near enough 10pm every night so get out and enjoy it!

I manage to paddle everyday and work (yep that’s what I call it) in City Centre Dublin, I still manage to find time to get to the river before or after work each day,

Variety is the spice of life, get out in something different every few days to keep it fresh and you’ll stay motivated

here’s a post I did a while back about motivations and work! – Clickity Click

See you on the river!


A slalom session at WWKC thanks Eamon for another great shot