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After 2 years and 9 months as Watersports Manager of Great Outdoors, Dublin I’ve decided that its time to move on,

Id like to publically thank everyone instore for firstly giving me the opportunity back in 2012 they came to me with a plan and that they wanted me to be a part. at the time it was a gamble on their behalf but over two years on the the gamble was rewarded with a thriving kayak business once more.

And Secondly, for putting up with me, whether it was the stores lads constantly shipping boats, or the web manager to help with products and promotions everyone in the store was always super helpful

Id like to thank Ken Costigan and Derek Moody the two directors in the company for the time and effort they have put into the business and the help they have given me.

The Great Outdoors is 40 years old next year and I now feel like part of the family, the managers and staff were open and friendly but were all actual outdoor people who understood what was needed because they did it. I want to wish the store and it management all the best for the next 40+ years.

So about me,

Simply sometimes a change is needed, I’ve spent the past few years contending with Dublin bus in and out of town on a daily commute and its mind numbing, I spend more time on the bus each day that I could be using to paddle or enjoy. The store change around and loosing the watersports store had a huge impact on me losing part of my personality with it.

all the time I spend on the road paddling theirs so many times I wonder why am I going back. money is surely not the motivation so its got to be about enjoyment and the spark. once the spark has been extinguished its time to move on.  10320389_662318573914_7407397056085832699_n

I’ve a few plans up my sleeve but for the most part I wont be too far away, Ireland is a small community and I’m still a paddler (an injured paddler but still a paddler)

My main plan is to get fit again, with surgery later in the year to repair a torn Labrum, before then I can get fitter to help speed the recovery process to get me pushing hard again.

I want to be back on the water again, coaching, guiding and doing the things I’m good at, I wont be walking away from Kayak retail completely by rekindling a relationship with Colm @ I-Canoe, now I won’t be the competition but an ally I’ll still be able to point people in the right direction for the kit they need.

Alongside these the creation of a new website is a high priority. More info will come later on this project but its a new idea and plan not really currently facilitated in Ireland. but I need to learn more on websites which is delaying this.


and did I mention myself and Jen are getting a new Puppy…. I guess its another life change His names Marlon and he’s had an accident and also needs to work on some rehabilitation

So lastly thanks to everyone who has supported me and Great Outdoors, Customers and friends, if you ever want some advice or a chat give me a shout.


See you on the river