The Galena PFD is Yak’s answer to a lightweight Freestyle / River Running PFD.

Instead of going for the super slim option, with the minimum of floatation. Yak have strived to make some of the safest most floaty jackets on the market.

With a huge maritime safety influence through Crewsaver and Survitec Yak PFD’s are worked on at the same level.

The Galena is no exception with 70n+ of buoyancy, in a lightweight shaped foam.
Creating one of the lightest PFDs available.
At first glance it looks bulkier than other vests but that is really just down to the position of the foam.

The Galena sits well on the torso. The breathable mesh surround, offers comfort, and stops the PFD riding up.

The 4D cast contoured cut is a great feeling, keeping the foam away from your arms, allowing you a full range of movement whilst paddling.

The colour scheme blue or lime green is perfect. (as it matches my boat) Bright and fun. with one big central zipped pocket. Perfect for holding essentials. The fastening of straps is quick and easy with specific designed release pulls to adjust straps quickly and easily. The added strap cleats keeps any extra strap safely tucked in to reduce snagging.

The shoulder straps are sewn through into the waist belt making it great for intermediate river running also.

The PFD is donned straight over the head making it really easy and comfy.

The PFD works well in all boats freestyle, river , canoeing even on a sup the cut really gives you freedom to paddle all day.

As always it’s worth trying before you buy, with three sizes available, make sure you get the best fit for you.

For Kids Yak have the Galena Junior, a super small PFD for young rippers!

I use this PFD daily, and find it extremely comfortable. Being taller I have gone for the XL size, to give myself extra length in the shoulders. The PFD works really well and looks great on the water.

The PFD is well priced against other river running and freestyle PFDS, and certainly worth trying on when your looking for a new vest!


Plenty of Buoyancy
Sewn Through Shoulders
Easy Adjustment.