Today team training was nice and early 1143-1223 so we headed for the hole getting on again after the french and working as 2 groups too keep the eddys quiet. With some free practice followed by each person attempting a 45 second ride the practice seemed to go well. With one minor mishap Kev had another unfortunate swim off of the rocks before snapping a paddle.

The afternoon as usual was spent relaxing and chilling in the pool and doing some feedback on peoples rides as this was to be the last team training session available with the competition starting tomorrow.

The evening was to be the European championships 2 010 Opening ceremony so we donned our team suits….. T-Shirts, hats and shorts and headed for the castle.PICT0143 PICT0179 PICT0197

And the French in true Party Spirit!

the castle was the medieval village centre but now it is a landmark and a great venue with speeches from the heads of various body’s including the Austrian Canoe Association, European Canoe Association and the Local Tourism board all welcoming us to Lienz and wishing us good luck with the competitions. After the speeches their was a buffet of bread with various toppings and a selection of cakes at this point we took a table and a couple of trays to test the food.

We headed back out into the open air section of the castle where we took photos and took up their kind offer of a free bar and proceeded to catch up with old friends and dance into the night.

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